« Hi! I am Edouard, and I have a few minutes to convince you I’m the guy you need. I’m 25 years old. I’m looking for creative projects in New York. In the next lines I am going to tell you everything about me, where I am from, who I am and why I would love to walk a part of my path with you. Does the following reading sound presumptuous? Wait… we are going to get to know each other better. »


What my career path won’t tell you is that I come from Sète. Sète is in France. Sète is just a small chunk of land in the Southern part of a country which is not very big either. Anyway, to us, French people, Sète is a core of culture which gave birth to people everyone knows: famous writers, acknowledged singers, painters who left a mark on their time… Sète is a melting pot of traditions and know-how, which keeps a thousand eyes permanently open to the world.
Am I trying to compare myself to this little town I come from? I guess I am.

My passion for design and the digital were born with me on this peninsula of culture. But, if a man, a French man, wants to succeed, he has no other choice but to take a one way ticket to the capital. Paris revealed something that had always been hidden deep inside me, something waiting to be awakened: Its pace and profusion matched with my thirst for knowledge. From the Eiffel tower to « La Concorde », walking along the quays of the Seine, I learnt. I learnt with a deep-rooted desire for improvement and the typical Parisian insolence, the challenge seemed so easy ! After a complete web training at the EEMI – founded by Xavier Niel – I dedicated four years of my life to digital art creation: web design, graphics, digital products design… That is how I added concrete operational design skills to my marketing and development knowledge.

I could continue enumerating my skills in terms of brand image sensitivity or the accuracy I have always dedicated to my team and clients in different fields… But none of these things will ever describe my strong desire to fly from the City of Light to the Big Apple. A new city, a new life, new objectives and one final goal: living a new experience and learning from the best. With my passion for learning rooted in my bones, on the one hand and my will to challenge and outdo myself on the other, let me be a part of it.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your valuable time reading about my past wanderings. I underline my strong motivation by inviting you to contact me for an interview by phone, skype, or any other means you’ll choose, at any time that suits you, regardless of the time difference…

If New York never sleeps, I will not sleep either.